Watching You by T.A. Blue
selfie - 2002
Welcome to Art of Tony which features the original acrylics, mixed media, and photographic based work of the acclaimed American artist, Tony A. Blue. This site does not contain images of all of his work but it does display a large sampling. Contact the artist for information on additional work, pricing, or any questions you may have. Feel free to browse the various galleries on this site (see menu above) and please visit again - new work is posted regularly.
  • Unforgettable (Vietnam Warriors)acrylics on canvas
  • The Heavens 2acrylics on canvas
  • Crosswords 2mixed media on canvas
  • Warphotography based "blutography"
  • Hollywood Sistersphotography
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Images of art from Gallery of Originals and the Photography Galleries (see menu above)

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